modifications > P1660-14 DTC Fix

What caused the DTC and why did you have to fix it?

If you've browsed my other modifications, you would notice that I installed an Eventuri intake in my GRC on 03/10/24. Eventuri included a DTC fix for the crankcase breather issue that causes diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P2C90-00, but Eventuri didn't send the fix until 03/23/24.

The Eventuri directions have you remove the air intake control valve and solenoid when you ditch the factory airbox. By removing the air intake control valve solenoid, DTC code P1660-14 remains present. My DIY fix below remedies that DTC for good.

To reiterate, I ran the Eventuri intake for 13 days with both P2C90-00 and P1660-14 DTCs, but the check engine light (CEL) never came on. My tuner was able to eliminate the P2C90-00 DTC when I flashed a tune with the ECUTEK dongle. And now this DIY resistor fix eliminates P1660-14 DTC.

Date Completed:



- PATIKIL 5 watt, 40 ohm aluminum shell resistor (
- Short piece of multi-strand wiring (16-18 gauge)
- Heat shrink tubing
- Zip-tie
- Solder


- Soldering iron
- Wire strippers
- Side cutters


1. This resistor may become warm/hot while the engine is running. Keep it away from anything combustible.
2. Existing air intake control valve solenoid resistance is 40.5 ohms.
3. New resistor resistance is 39.2 ohms with short wiring extensions soldered on.
4. R = V / I.    R x I = V.    40.5 ohms x I = 12 volts.    I = 12 volts / 40.5 ohms.    I = 0.296 amps.
5. R = VxV / P.    P = VxV / R.    P = 12x12 / 40.5 ohms.    P = 144 / 40.5 ohms.    P = 3.56 watts.
6. Since the power required is 3.56 watts and the resistance is 40.5 ohms, I chose a 5 watt, 40 ohm resistor.
7. Reversible back to stock.