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Why did I choose an Eventuri Intake?

Just like the path I chose with a tune for my GRC, I waited to see what intake would be the best choice. What company put the most development into the platform? I definitely wasn't going to choose some gimmicky short ram intake that pulls hot air from the engine bay so it makes the choo choo noise a little louder when I shift. I'm a mechanical engineer that requires actual performance from the modifications that I purchase for my vehicles.

The Eventuri website has plenty of pictures and a write-up regarding the design process for their GRC intake. [Eventuri Instructions Manual for GRC Intake]
It's truly a work of art. I opted for the gloss carbon fiber version (not the matte version).

Date Completed:

03/10/24 (Intake), 03/23/24 (Breather tube)


- Eventuri gloss carbon fiber intake (
- 3M double-sided tape


- 1/4" drive ratchet with 6" extension and sockets (T-15 Torx, 7mm, 10mm)
- Combination wrenches (12mm, 13mm)
- Plastic clip removal tool
- Flat-blade screwdriver
- Phillips screwdriver
- 3mm allen wrench
- Side cutters
- Scissors
- Pliers


1. Several wiring plugs need to be disconnected (MAF sensor, intake valve/flap, PCV sensor).
2. The factory airbox vacuum solenoid plug is disconnected and tucked away not to be used for the Eventuri intake.
3. Do NOT overtighten anything touching the carbon fiber. It is brittle and can be crushed!
4. Arrow on the MAF sensor points towards the firewall.
5. Reversible back to stock.