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Why did I choose an Eventuri engine cover?

I'm not usually a person that adds bling to my vehicles. You'll notice I don't have any stickers, extra LED lights (other than my DIY rear bumper reflector mod), loud sound system, etc. When it came to the factory GRC engine cover, mine had a few blemishes that could not be removed with typical detail products. I'm not sure, but there's a large cloudy smudge on the right side, and (2) what looks like thumb prints on the front corners.

The Eventuri engine cover easily matches their intake. I opted for the gloss carbon fiber on the intake and engine cover. Eventuri offers a matte version for both as well.

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- Eventuri gloss carbon fiber engine cover (


- None
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. Easy installation. Tug on the (4) corners of the factory engine cover. Swap over the (4) grommets from old to new cover.
2. Very easy to steal. I would not leave my engine bay unattended during a car show with this bling.
3. Reversible back to stock.