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Why did you install Advanced Wheel Locks on your GR?

Most (if not all) new vehicles come with standard wheel lugs (without locks). By adding a set of (4) wheel locks to my wheels, I will try and prevent them from being stolen while my GR is parked outside the safety of my garage.

Advanced Wheel Locks steps in with a unique approach. Their online videos are very convincing. I'm not the first GR owner to purchase a set. I opted for the chrome version to blend in with the factory lug nuts. Make sure to purchase not (1) but (2) keys, just in case.

Date Completed:



- Advanced Wheel Locks (
     M12x1.5, 37mm tall, mag seat, chrome finish


- 1/2" drive ratchet, short extension, sockets (21mm, Advanced Wheel Lock)
- 1/2" torque wrench
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. No wiring plugs need to be removed for this installation.
2. Install takes 10 mins or less. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
3. Torque specs = 76 lb-ft for lug nuts.
4. Reversible back to stock.