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Why did you install a Valentine One V1 in your GRC?

Ain't nobody got time for the po po. I haven't upgraded to the V1 Gen2 just yet, but my original V1 is doing just fine on guard duty. I followed instructions from a YouTuber to make custom sweeps. My installation also included a V1connection LE for iOS.

Date Completed:



- Valentine One V1 (
- V1connection LE for iOS (
- V1 Univeral Rear View Mirror bracket (
- Add-A-Circuit Mini (
- Various zip ties


- Needle nose pliers (to pull mini fuse)
- Plastic trim removal tools
- Flatblade screwdriver
- Wire stripping pliers
- Phillips screwdriver
- Wire crimper
- Multimeter


1. The OBD2 port needs to be temporarily removed for this installation. It unsnaps from the panel below the steering wheel and hangs until the panel is reinstalled.
2. I hardwired the V1 using an add-a-circuit fuse tap to the spare fuse location below "7.5A USB NO.1" in the driver's footwell fuse box. See picture #07 for more details.
3. Use a plastic trim tool (if necessary) to aid in tucking the wiring/signal cables into the headliner.
4. Pay close attention to routing the V1 wiring. Do not block the a-pillar air bag!
5. Ground the V1 harness to the 10mm bolt in front of the driver's footwell fuse box. See picture #10 for more details.
6. Reversible back to stock.
7. Total weight added = negligible.