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What tuner did I go with?

I never want to be the first to get a tune on a new vehicle platform. Patience was key for my GR Corolla. A few folks on the GR Corolla forum had tuned their vehicles with Burger, LIMIT+1, etc. When ECUTEK hardwired tuning first came out, Tune+ tried it, but he sold his GR Corolla, so that was no longer an option for me (he tuned my 2016 Focus RS). Stratified Auto stepped up to the plate and released a YouTube video where they tuned a local shop's GRC on 93 octane and E30 [VIDEO LINK].

For now, I will install the tune with my Eventuri intake to match the modifications that Stratified had when they posted their video of the local shop's car. I will update this page with any revisions to the tune based on additional modifications done to my GRC.

Date Completed:

03/17/24 (started 93 tune process)
xx/xx/24 (finished E30 tune)


- ECUTEK dongle with vehicle license (


- None
(Sweet Tea is always optional)

Helpful Conversions:

1 kPa = 0.145038 psi
(____ kPa x 0.145038) - 14.7 = ____ psig
Example from my datalogs.    Max boost = 297.4 kPa.    (297.4 kPa x 0.145038) - 14.7 = 28.43 psig

1 Nm = 0.737562 lb-ft
(____ Nm x 0.737562) = ____ lb-ft
Example from my datalogs.    Max torque = 426.2 Nm.    (426.2 Nm x 0.737562) = 314.35 lb-ft


1. Before connecting to the ECUTEK dongle, your cellphone must have 20% battery or it will not start the tuning process. I plugged mine into the car charger.
2. The tuning process took about 12 minutes. Communication was tested to the ECU. Then CPU 1 and 2 were wiped and overwritten.
3. GRC Mileage: 2,368 miles on first tune (93 octane V1.0).
4. GRC Mileage: x,xxx miles on second tune (E30 octane Vx.x).
5. Reversible back to stock.