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Why did you modify a sunshade for your GRC?

It gets hot in Louisiana for most of the year. Dark tinted windows and sunshades are a must. I purchased a sunshade from Amazon for the 2020-2023 Corolla sedan/hatchback. However, I had to modify it because I installed both a dashcam as well as a radar detector under the rearview mirror.

I haven't sewed anything since a bean bag in the 5th grade. A few stab wounds on my fingers and 30 minutes later, my sunshade fits around my front dashcam. A local shop wanted $70 and a 3-week wait to modify the sunshade. Prom season. LOL.

Date Completed:



- Autotech Park Foldable Sunshade for 2020-2024 Corolla Sedan/Hatchback (
- Black trim material
- Needle/thread
- Sharpie


- Scissors
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. Temporarily install sunshade. Mark interference with dashcam using sharpie marker. Trim sunshade. Sew black trim material.