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Why did you modify the rear wiper on your GR?

My GR Corolla is a daily driven vehicle. The rear wiper is needed (unlike the one I removed on my 2016 Focus RS race car). After installing my rear dash cam up high on the back glass for the optimum vantage point, I noticed the factory rear wiper wasn't long enough to clean that area of glass.

Someone on the GR Corolla Forum posted that a 14" rear wiper blade fit. I tried a few different rear wipers on my GRC, and the 16" was perfect. Now I can keep my rear dashcam up high, and the longer wiper cleans the glass both higher and lower than the factory wiper blade.

Date Completed:



- Bosch Spectrum DirectFit R1617 wiper blade (O'Reilly Auto Parts)


- Flat-blade screwdriver (or use your hands ya sissy)
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. No wiring plugs need to be removed for this installation.
2. Install takes 5 mins or less. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
3. Original rear wiper = 12 inches long. New rear wiper = 16 inches long.
4. Longer wiper is required to clean window high enough for rear dashcam.
5. Keeping in mind the rear wiper does not sweep 180 degrees, and the wiper blade doesn't cover the entire arm length to the pivot.
     Area of a semicircle = (Pi x r2)/2.
     Area of original wiper blade = (Pi x 12 inch2)/2 = 226.20 in2
     Area of longer wiper blade = (Pi x 16 inch2)/2 = 402.12 in2

     (Area of longer blade - Area of original blade)/Area of original blade = (402.12 - 226.20)/226.20 = 0.7777 x 100 = 77.77% increased swept area.
     To verify this, 226.20 in2 x 1.7777 = 402.12 in2.
6. Reversible back to stock.