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When did you change the oil in your GR the first time?

The GR Corolla owner's manual calls for a break-in period of 621 miles. I didn't opt to wait for the first oil change at 5,000 miles. Instead, I tried to time it around 1,000 miles. I ended up at 1,177 miles.

The oil, filter, and crush washer were purchased from a local Toyota dealer.

Date Completed:



- 5 quarts of SAE 0W-20 synthetic motor oil (#00279-0WQTE-01)
- Oil filter (#90915-YZZN1)
- Oil drain plug crush washer


- 14mm combination wrench
- 3/8" extension and 14mm socket
- 3/8" Torque wrench (30 lb-ft)
- 1/2 quart measuring cup
- Gloves
- 9,000 lb 4-post lift (optional, but highly recommended!)
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. Less than 30 minutes install. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
2. Only the engine lower access panel needs to be removed to reach the oil drain plug and filter.
3. Warm the engine up before changing the oil so any contaminants are circulating in the system to be drained out.
4. No wiring plugs need to be disconnected.
5. I used a paint pen to mark the oil drain plug and filter to indicate if any preload is lost after torquing.