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Why did you install a Modern Spare Tire Kit in your GR?

Some new vehicles do not come with a spare tire. I know, it's silly, right? Just like my 2016 Focus RS, my 2023 GR Corolla came with a slime kit and compressor. Not exactly a solution while out on a trip any significant distance from home.

A few folks on the GR Corolla Forum found several solutions for the lack of a spare tire in their GR. I chose to purchase one of those options which consists a complete compact spare tire kit from Modern Spare ( The kit includes an aluminum alloy wheel and spare tire, scissor jack, telescoping lug wrench with several sockets, and a large disposable tire bag for transporting the failed full-sized tire. I opted not to purchase the carrying case as all of the provided tools easily fit in the hatchback floor foam storage areas.

Date Completed:



- Modern Spare Complete Compact Spare Tire Kit (
     18x4 Aluminum Alloy Wheel with 5x114.3mm bolt pattern, T135/70R18 tire (25.5" rolling diameter)
     4000 lb TruLift ratcheting scissor jack
     14-21" Telescoping Lug Wrench with 17mm and 21mm sockets (keep locking lug key with them)
- Sanding block for smoothing hatchback floor foam after trimming to fit spare tire
- Scrap piece of steel flatbar for tire hold down
- 5/16"x4-1/2" Grade 5 bolt with (4) flat washers
- 5/16" Rivnut with assembly tool
- Black spray paint for tire hold down


- Hacksaw blade and (2) Vise-Grips to trim interior hatchback floor foam
- Assembly tool to install Rivnut for spare tire hold down
- Electric drill and 17/32" drill bit to install 5/16" Rivnut
- 1/2" and 9/16" combo wrenches for Rivnut install
- 1/2" combo wrench for hold down bolt
- Electric grinder to trim flat bar
- Shop vac to clean up the styrofoam bits


1. No wiring plugs need to be removed for this installation.
2. The existing interior hatchback floor foam needs to be trimmed so the Modern Spare can fit.
3. Not reversible to stock (unless you purchase another floor foam assembly).
4. Weights:
     Modern Spare wheel / tire = 28.20 lb. Modern Spare tools + hold down bolt / flatbar / washers + wheel lock key = 9.60 lb.
     OE hatchback floor foam (after trimming to fit Modern Spare) = 1.00 lb.
     OE hatchback floor foam (before trimming) = 2.50 lb.
     OE compressor and slime canister = 2.60 lb.
     Total weight added = 33.70 lb.