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Why did you put a new FMIC and Intercooler Piping on your GRC?

The factory GRC front mount intercooler (FMIC) is susceptible to heatsoak (as are most OEM units), and the driver (cold) side end tank is plastic. The Forge Motorsport FMIC is the easiest way to improve power by eliminating the heatsoak. Factory ECU calibrations start reducing timing once the charge air temperature reaches 100F, and the higher the temperature the more the timing gets reduced. The Forge Motorsport upgraded FMIC prevents the heatsoak and keeps the charge air temperature within 10-20 degrees F of ambient temperature. This ensures that I have consistent power on the street, 1/4 mile track, or road course.

Date Completed:



- Forge Motorsport intercooler kit w/piping (
- Zip tie with tab for round hole
- Sharpie


- 1/4" drive ratchet with 6" extension and sockets (7mm, 10mm, 12mm)
- 3/8" drive ratchet with 12" extension and sockets (12mm deep socket, 14mm)
- Combination wrenches (2x 10mm)
- 1/2" breaker bar
- 9,000 lb 4-post lift (optional, but highly recommended!)
- Plastic clip removal tool
- Flat-blade screwdrivers (small and medium)
- Needle nose pliers
- Tin snips


1. Several wiring plugs need to be temporarily disconnected in the front bumper (radar behind Toyota emblem, both fog lights, ambient temp sensor, and horn).
2. Note this installation is slightly different than a stock GRC because I already have an Eventuri intake installed. Your mileage may vary.
3. Starting with picture #126, I left the lower crash bar foam in place. As seen in pictures #127-135, the spacers in the kit push the lower crash bar out ~3/8".
4. For my bumper to fit flush again with the fenders, I removed the lower crash bar foam. Pictures #139-140 show correct fender to front bumper alignment again.
5. Reversible back to stock except for plastic side shrouds that were trimmed to fit larger aftermarket intercooler.