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What dashcam setup did I go with?

In most of my vehicles I run the Blackvue DR900X-2CH Plus setup. 4K UHD camera films the front while a 1080p camera films out back. The footage is very easy to download to my phone in case an incident occurs. Once the system is installed, the cameras are tucked up out of the way. No one notices them. Just the way I like it. Even with 5% tint on the rear glass, the rear camera has great resolution during the day. During night driving, visibility on the rear camera is somewhat difficult, but it does record a decent amount.

Date Completed:



- Blackvue DR900X-2CH Plus with 256 GB microSD Card | 4K UHD front camera | 1080p rear camera (
- Tape/Wire for pulling camera wiring through headliner/hatch
- Add-A-Circuit Mini (
- Various zip ties


- Needle nose pliers (to pull mini fuse)
- Plastic trim removal tools
- Flatblade screwdriver
- Wire stripping pliers
- Phillips screwdriver
- Wire crimper
- Multimeter


1. The OBD2 port needs to be temporarily removed for this installation. It unsnaps from the panel below the steering wheel and hangs until the panel is reinstalled.
2. I hardwired the dashcams using add-a-circuit fuse taps to "20A DOOR R/R" and "7.5A USB NO.1" in the driver's footwell fuse box. See picture #07 for more details.
3. Use a plastic trim tool (if necessary) to aid in tucking the wiring/signal cables into the headliner.
4. Pay close attention to routing the wiring/signal cables. Do not block the a-pillar air bag!
5. Ground the dashcam harness to the 10mm bolt in front of the driver's footwell fuse box. See picture #10 for more details.
6. Reversible back to stock.
7. Total weight added = negligible.