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Why did you put a cellphone dash mount in your GRC?

There are many reasons to mount your cellphone somewhere in your view instead of leaving it in your center console or on top of the passenger seat. In my particular case, I use the V1Driver app every single time I drive to notify if any fuzz is around running radar. On occasion, I can also keep an eye on parameters using the dashboard function of my ECUTEK OBD dongle. Most of the other functions for my phone will come up on the infotainment screen (e.g. phone calls, texts, etc.).

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- Scosche PC855453 ProClip Center Dash Mount for 2019-2023 Toyota Corolla (
- Scosche MPTFM MagicMount Pro XL Magnetic Car Phone Holder Mount - Universal XL Flush Mount (


- None


1. Use the plastic trim tool (if necessary) to aid in tucking the ProClip mount on the driver side of the infotainment center surround.
2. Don't force anything. I had to send back the first ProClip mount as it was bent and cracked from the previous dufus trying to force it.
3. Be safe. Only look at your phone when there's a gap in traffic or it's safe.
4. Reversible back to stock.
5. Total weight added = negligible.